Searching for inner beauty in woman?

Tantric massage for women.  According to the tantric tradition, a woman is highly worshipped for her ability to initiate others.  She is the expression of sexuality and creativity.  The massage is a sensual experience which guides you to your own inner feelings; it never crosses the line that you set.

This massage can, but does not have to, include the massage of a genital (yoni). Thanks to this massage, the whole body relaxes and your inner energy becomes smoother. Regular tantric massaging has healing effects which improves your health and sexuality.

You can choose the sensitive hands of a masseur or a masseuse based on your preference. May include a genital massage (Yoni).


  • It leads to a relaxation mode of your body
  • Sensual ritual through your inner world
  • Improves health and sexuality
  • Refines your inner energy force
  • May include a genital massage (Yoni)
Tantric Massage for Women
Duration 1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
2 hrs 3200,- 4200,-
2.5 hrs 3600,- 4800,-