Into the Deep of Tantra

During the tantric massage, sexuality, heart and spirituality connect so that sexuality is not experienced separately through genitals only but it is also sensed by our heart and spirit

The massage includes a massage of a genital, the so-called lingam.

That is the only way one can reach the feeling of being one.


  • Includes a genital massage
  • Deep rejuvenating of the body and soul
  • Gentle care of the body and soul
  • Pulls you out from everyday reality
  • Massage for men and women
Prostate Massage


A prostate massage is good for health, but it is also very arousing. Some men reach new forms of unknown orgasm which differs from the one induced by the stimulation of penis.

A prostate can be massaged two ways: directly and indirectly.
Indirect massage to the prostate –less effective massage of the perineal area done in small circular movements.
Direct massage to the prostate – more effective stimulation through anal canal.
We perform both techniques of the prostate massage in our studio or they are part of tantric or Nuru massages as specified.

Královská tantrická masáž
1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
1.5 hrs 2300,- 3500,-
2 hrs 3200,- 4200,-
2.5 hrs 3600,- 4800,-

Prostate Massage – additional charge of CZK 450.