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Tantra massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual which combines tantric philosophy with massage principles to achieve harmony. Tantra is gaining popularity among men, women and couples all around the world; it is an invitation into the realm of corporal pleasure, gentle care and sensuality that bring about exciting moments.  The tantric massage is an intimate ritual which heals the body and soul.

Tantra believes that each man and woman is an individual human being, an expression of God Shiva or Goddess Shakti. Human beings are flawless just because they exist. Tantra welcomes anything which occurs in the present moment and at the same time, makes no effort to force things, it allows them to flow. And this is the right moment when space for a new experience opens up. In time, we feel fully accepted and not forced; in time, we feel the unconditional love and secure borders which tantric ritual has to offer. It is then that we are able to feel something new and different from our previous experience.

Tantra also includes a conscious work with energy.  According to tantric teachings, there are seven life-force energy centres (chakras) located in a human body. These centres represent different levels of our life: from sexual instincts to deep spirituality. During the tantric massage, sexuality, heart and spirituality connect so that sexuality is not experienced separately through genitals only but it is also sensed by our heart and spirit. That is the only way we can reach the feeling of being one.

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A traditional tantric massage starts with a talk between a masseuse and a client (receiver).

A tantric massage is practised on a futon in candlelight accompanied by pleasant music.  Tantra touch combines masseuse’s hands with hot towels, furs, soft feathers or a body-to-body contact.

In Tantra, nudity is a sign of openness and acceptance of one’s own body. The receiver is naked during the massage, covered only with a sarong scarf which the masseuse slowly takes off

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